Short post today! We started off the morning with some more Japanese TV (of course).

Kewpie from Paepin Goff on Vimeo.

Then, we took an express train south of Tokyo to Yokohama, the second largest city in Japan. The city has a population of about 3.7 million, which is about four times the size of Austin (~947,000).


Yokohama station, Japan. Photo by Paepin.


The Yokohama train station is huge. The station is situated within/underneath/above a shopping mall complex. It’s had to explain, but it’s something like a beehive with stores and train stops all mixed into a 10-floor structure with both indoor and outdoor components.

Since I was already at the mall, I went shopping! I bought a Japan-exclusive Passage Mignon bag and a pair of Yokohama-exclusive GoreTex casual rain shoes for less than $50USD. Fancy stuff. I’m psyched to have some stuff from Japan that I can’t get anywhere else. Plus, it’s been super rainy since I’ve been here, so the rain shoes have been helpful.

From there, we went to Yokohama’s Cosmo World, which is a popular theme park area on Tokyo Bay.


Cosmo World, Yokohama, Japan. Photo by Paepin.


This theme park shows up quite a bit in Japanese anime, especially the ferris wheel. In fact, the latest Death Note movie (the manga and anime shows are way better) gives a nod to the original anime reference. In the movie, the characters meet at the ferris wheel for the finale, calling upon the date scene between Light Yagami and Misa-Misa, if I remember correctly.


Cosmo World Ferris Wheel, Yokohama, Japan. Photo by Paepin.


So, Kaelin and waited in the hour-long line for the wheel and got some amazing views of the city.


Yokohama skyline at night. Photo by Paepin.


Luckily, the wheel was a really long ride. It must have taken at least ten minutes for us to loop around, which made the wait totally worth it.


Kaelin and Paepin on the Cosmo World Ferris Wheel.


From there, it was back through the train system at Queens station, another huge crossing in Yokohama.


Queens Station, Yokohama, Japan. Photo by Paepin.


More soon!

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